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By John Leifer



In this chilling prequel to 8 Seconds to Midnight, the most devastating terrorist attack ever recorded on American soil begins and ends without spilling a single drop of blood. Four jihadists, armed with nothing more than a briefcase and a pen, walk nonchalantly through the country’s busiest airports, killing time and killing people. A deadly mist, laden with a universally lethal virus, trails close behind them. Their goal: foment a global pandemic. Their vision: Armageddon, where only the Chosen Ones – those loyal to the United Islamic State – survive. The job of stopping them falls squarely on the shoulders of one man, Commander John Hart, but will he be in time?

I was completely captivated with the story line from the very first chapter [of Terminal]. John Leifer writes effortlessly and eloquently.
– Amanda Rofe, Readers’ Favorites

John Leifer gives a brilliant and detailed account of an event that someday could become a reality. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the way Leifer presented it.
– Richard L DeMoss, Readers’ Favorite

Terminal contains all the components of a blockbuster movie. This is a well-researched book which held my attention throughout. I highly recommend it.
– Amanda Rofe, Readers’ Favorites

Terminal Reviews

A thriller packed with energy, action, and suspense, which consistently delivers on the promises of the genre.
Fans of Tom Clancy and the TV series 24 will be riveted.


John Leifer grabs the reader from the first pages and doesn’t let go. The author has created an exceptional story filled with everything that makes a thriller a thriller.
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John Leifer

John Leifer is a senior health care executive, consultant, academic, and writer. He is the author of The Myths of Modern Medicine: The Alarming Truth About American Health Care and After You Hear It’s Cancer: A Guide to the Difficult Journey Ahead.

John is also an accomplished fiction author – writing thrillers that draw upon his experiences with key governmental agencies and scientists, including serving on a presidential panel led by former national security advisor, Brent Scowcroft. 

John's Books

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Thou Shall Not Kill


Thou Shall Not Kill reads like breaking news from the Jerusalem Post. Based upon exhaustive research into Israeli military history, Israeli doctrine regarding the use of non-traditional weapons, and the current state of threat posed by Israel’s foes, it is not only captivating, but credible.

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8 Seconds to Midnight


8 Seconds to Midnight takes the reader on a non-stop thrill-ride that begins with the clandestine transfer of nuclear material from a secure Pakistani military installation thirty miles north of Islamabad to a group of radical Islamists.

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In this chilling prequel to 8 Seconds to Midnight, the most devastating terrorist attack ever recorded on American soil begins and ends without spilling a single drop of blood.

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After You Hear It's Cancer


When your doctor utters the word “cancer”, life changes in an instant. It is a moment when time stands still, a moment laden with anxiety and uncertainty. A new journey is beginning, and it is one for which you are likely ill prepared.

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The Myths of Modern Medicine


The American health care system is terminally ill. It is astonishingly expensive, remarkably variable in quality, and incapable of stemming the rising tide of chronic illness in our population.

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