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The Intruders

The Hanging Tree marked the eastern edge of our property – 120 acres of pasture, woodlands, and ponds perched precariously close to the encroaching suburbs. For a while, it would remain country – rough and rugged with a beauty that only a native Kansan could fully...

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My Season with The Kansas City Royals

My rookie year with the Kansas City Royals began in April 1972, when I was fifteen. I know what you’re thinking – how can that be possible – but hear me out. I was not a ball player. Far from it. Born with no depth perception, swinging at a ball traveling in excess of...

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Tolerance, New Mexico

Tolerance was not on any maps. According to rumor, it was little more than a speck of a town located in a narrow valley southwest of Acoma. “Urban lore,” townsfolk were quick to say when asked if Tolerance was real. It didn’t matter what people said, though. No words...

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The Writer’s Journey

I left my last job with a sigh of relief and a quick spin of my tires as I pulled away from the parking lot, never to return. A surge of exhilaration welled up from my gut, and a smile burst out on my face as I realized that I no longer had to conform to a culture...

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